Archive for October 3rd, 2012

How the Spencer Davis Group carried on without Steve Winwood: ‘I wasn’t looking to duplicate Steve’s voice’

The Spencer Davis Group was, and remains, more than Steve Winwood – having continued recording and touring into the new millennium under the auspices of its Welsh-born multi-instrumentalist namesake.

Something Else! sneak peek: John and Steve Hackett, “Down to the Domus Aurea”/ “Towards the Future” (2012)

An extraordinarily productive period for Steve Hackett, with both the Squackett and Genesis Revisited projects, will also include the release of a pair of new instrumentals with his brother John.

Max Ionata and Dado Moroni – Two For Duke (2012)

Here’s a crisp set of eleven tunes either written by Duke Ellington or popularized by him, by a couple of Italian jazz aces a half generations apart: pianist Dado Moroni and tenor saxophonist Max Ionata.

Download: Grant Lee Phillips – NoiseTrade Sampler (2012)

A six-song EP, available for free download now, offers listeners a glimpse into the forthcoming solo project by Grant Lee Phillips called Walking in the Green Corn.