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Donny McCaslin – Casting For Gravity (2012)

Donny McCaslin – Casting For Gravity (2012)

Perpetual Motion was Donny McCaslin’s big change of direction record, one which brought him a bevy of accolades last year, and rightly so, for a successful transition from the acoustic format to one that intelligently blends acoustic with electronic sonorities.

Steven Wilson – Get All You Deserve (2012)

Get All You Deserve, the just-released concert DVD from Steven Wilson, showcases a live performer coming into his own, even as it provides a brief glimpse into his forthcoming new solo release.

Diana Krall – Glad Rag Doll (2012)

From its vampy cover image to titles like “There Ain’t No Sweet Man that’s Worth the Salt of My Tears,” this album has the look and feel of a liberated woman pushing back — and hard — against convention.

Forgotten series: The Racket Squad – The Racket Squad/ Corners Of Your Mind (1968/69)

In the beginning they were called the Fenways. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they were a major draw on the regional circuit. Spunky singles such as “Be Careful Little Girl” and “The Walk” translated into huge local hits.

One Track Mind: Rowdy House, "Don’t Let a Liar Lead You" (2012)

Rowdy House, a group of anonymous non-partisan roots rockers, returns with another cautionary tale – this time, for those who think elections don’t matter.