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'The best thing I ever heard Eddie Van Halen play': After rebuffing his advances, Heart's Nancy Wilson was given a song

When Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart crossed paths with Van Halen in 1979, the brothers Eddie and Alex were at the height of their wild-and-crazy days. Nancy, in Heart’s just-released memoir, says the pair even propositioned her and her sister.

'We look at the entire career': Steve Howe says Yes' repertoire has expanded without Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman

Former members Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman don’t fit into the current configuration of Yes, guitarist Steve Howe says, because they wouldn’t commit to playing the group’s entire repertoire.

Alt-J – An Awesome Wave (2012)

Alt-J may be one of the best recent examples of a band meeting in university and fucking around with sounds and kicking at the Weird until it bleeds something fantastic.

One Track Mind: Paul Westerberg, "My Road Now" (2012)

There can’t be any better way, really, for a suddenly unveiled track from Paul Westerberg to begin than with a false start, followed by the erstwhile Replacements leader blurting out: “Fuck me.”

Giordano Grossi – Old Stories (2012)

In the liner notes for Old Stories by Italian bassist and composer Giordano Grossi, the narrator cautions listeners not to get so hung up on “technique” or a “’serious’ introduction about chords and rhythms.”

One Track Mind: Charlie Hunter, "Blind Arthur" (2012)

Jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter has the blues, or at least his version of such things, on this new song.

Joseph Mulhollen – Problematical Animals (2012)

There’s an epic sweep to Joseph Mulhollen’s third effort, this layered melding of acoustic elegance and crunchy electronic sounds that constantly confounds expectations — even as it delves into deeply emotional places.

The Friday Morning Listen: Andy Williams – Moon River And Other Great Movie Themes (1962)

Hey, I wonder what Susan Dey’s been up to? Silly question? Yeah, sort of. But there was a time when it wouldn’t have been.