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Is Joe Bonamassa’s busy solo career going to be the end of Black Country Communion?: ‘Ready to move on’

A feud between Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa is apparently behind the cancellation of Black Country Communion’s only scheduled show in the UK — and might yet be the end of the rock supergroup.

'I simply do what I know I can do': Prog god Rick Wakeman takes an organic approach to his art

For Rick Wakeman, who’s preparing a new tour of New Zealand and a reissue of Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the approach to music remains steadfastly organic: “It,” the prog god offers, “sort of happens.”

‘We are the real Beach Boys’: Brian Wilson opens up after being ousted by Mike Love

Through the news release issued by the Beach Boys tried to portray their latest split as a planned event following a celebrated 50th anniversary album and tour, new comments from ousted leader Brian Wilson tell a different story.

Julie Slick – Terroir (2012)

Julie Slick’s second solo album, just issued after a successful Kickstarter campaign, advances every thrilling notion about her playing, and her creative vision, first hinted at during the 20-something bassist’s stint with the Adrian Belew Power Trio.

Ferenc Nemeth – Triumph (2012)

Hungarian born, Berklee trained drummer Ferenc Nemeth has high aims for only his second solo album, Triumph, a musical manifestation for his hopes for a world where people can attain their highest potential and work together harmoniously as a collective ambition.

Forgotten series: 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy, others – Never Ever Land (2008)

Stationed in Houston, Texas, the independent label International Artists Records parented a plethora of prized platters between the years 1965 and 1970.

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders – Keystone Companions: Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings (2012)

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders – Keystone Companions: Complete 1973 Fantasy Recordings (2012)

Jerry Garcia taught Saunders how to loosen up. Merl Saunders taught Garcia how to play the old standards. It was a match made in heaven.