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Something Else! sneak peek: Jeff Lynne, "Mercy Mercy" (2012)

A new video directed by Martyn Atkins for Jeff Lynne’s single “Mercy Mercy” underscores how the former leader of the Electric Light Orchestra works these days: Lynne appears on vocals, as well as every other instrument.

The Beatles, “Mr. Moonlight” from Beatles For Sale (1964): Deep Beatles

The Beatles, “Mr. Moonlight” from Beatles For Sale (1964): Deep Beatles

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I stand before you to defend the reputation of the Beatles’ 1964 cover of “Mr. Moonlight.”

Lee Ritenour – Rhythm Sessions (2012)

“I love making albums!” declared super session guitar player Lee Ritenour, and he continues: “For me, creating a new project from beginning to end, is one of the most musically and spiritually rewarding things that I do in my life.”

The Gaddabouts – Look Out Now! (2012)

Look Out Now! begins with a top-of-their-head improvisation, and this loping, light-filled groove says everything about what the Gaddabouts, and their new album, are all about: Serious fun.

The Friday Morning Listen: David Byrne and St. Vincent – Love This Giant (2012)

Even though I’ve recently downsized my collection, I still own a frightening number of books about music. And even though I profess a certain disdain for writing that gets too far into technicalities, it’s hard for me to not pay attention