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Something Else! sneak peek: Jeff Lynne, "Mercy Mercy" (2012)

A new video directed by Martyn Atkins for Jeff Lynne’s single “Mercy Mercy” underscores how the former leader of the Electric Light Orchestra works these days: Lynne appears on vocals, as well as every other instrument.

Deep Beatles: "Mr. Moonlight" from Beatles For Sale (1964)

Deep Beatles: "Mr. Moonlight" from Beatles For Sale (1964)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I stand before you to defend the reputation of the Beatles’ 1964 cover of “Mr. Moonlight.” Since its first appearance on Beatles for Sale, fans and critics have derided the track as corny, cheesy, and overdone, unworthy of the band’s otherwise stellar recordings.

Lee Ritenour – Rhythm Sessions (2012)

“I love making albums!” declared super session guitar player Lee Ritenour, and he continues: “For me, creating a new project from beginning to end, is one of the most musically and spiritually rewarding things that I do in my life.”

The Gaddabouts – Look Out Now! (2012)

Look Out Now! begins with a top-of-their-head improvisation, and this loping, light-filled groove says everything about what the Gaddabouts, and their new album, are all about: Serious fun.

The Friday Morning Listen: David Byrne and St. Vincent – Love This Giant (2012)

Even though I’ve recently downsized my collection, I still own a frightening number of books about music. And even though I profess a certain disdain for writing that gets too far into technicalities, it’s hard for me to not pay attention