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'It's nice to do something unusual': Alex Lifeson talks about the new wrinkles in Rush's on-going tour

Formed in 1968, Rush began working with its current lineup in 1974 when drummer and lyricist Neil Peart joined — sparking a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-worthy run of successes through this year’s Clockwork Angels.

John Oates says production changed in 1980s, but Hall and Oates’ songwriting didn’t

Hall and Oates, the story goes, started out as this folksy doo-wop inspired duo. Then, the 1980s happened. Synthesizers, videos and a plasticine production style changed everything, right? Not so, says John Oates.

Renaissance completes Grandine il Vento, prepares for series of upcoming performances

Renaissance has completed sessions for its forthcoming release Grandine il Vento, the pioneering prog-rock band’s initial studio project in 12 years. Recording at Ridgewood, New Jersey’s Studio X, the album was produced by band members Rave Tesar and Annie Haslem

'Some things age better than others': Steve Hogarth discusses how Marillion's set lists balance the old and new

Back now with an impressive return-to-form record, Marillion is in the midst of a well-received tour. Exploring the fresh revelations found in Sounds That Can’t Be Made is the easy part, though.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Reflections" (1984, 1988)

<<< BACKWARD (“Shanghai Confidential”) ||| ONWARD (“Trans-Island Skyway”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** I really debated on whether this recording belongs in the series; this cut from the movie soundtrack for Arthur 2: On the Rocks is jointly credited to the song’s only performers: Steve Khan and Donald Fagen. Furthermore, it’s a Thelonious Monk cover.

Band of Horses – Mirage Rock (2012)

Band of Horses is still pushing their love of dusty-booted Americana through a busted guitar amp, only this time they’ve turned it up a little.

One Track Mind: The Jackson Investment Company, "What Can I Say" (1967)

Whenever I’m asked what my very favorite song in the whole wide world is, I promptly reply, “What Can I Say” by the Jackson Investment Company.

Jackyl – Best in Show (2012)

Jackyl – Best in Show (2012)

if you’re looking to get a party started, you could do much worse than cranking up Jackyl’s ‘Best in Show.’