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John Hiatt – Mystic Pinball (2012)

When going back and reading my take on John Hiatt’s last album Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns I almost thought I had already written my commentary on the one he’s got on tap next, because virtually everything you can use to describe Dirty Jeans could easily apply to Mystic Pinball.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – Live at the NEC, October 24, 1989 (2012)

A new three-disc CD/DVD set celebrates that strange period in which a band not called Yes, including most of the individuals credited with the Yes sound, put together an album and tour that sounded just like … well, Yes.

The Sheepdogs – The Sheepdogs (2012)

With plenty of ’70s flavor and a whole vanload of grooves, Saskatoon’s the Sheepdogs solidify their presence with their eponymous fourth album. The September 2012 release is soaked in the boogie-woogie side of rock and roll

The Friday Morning Listen: Bob Dylan – Tempest (2012)

This past Tuesday, Bob Dylan released Tempest, fifty years to the day since his first LP came out. Fifty years as a recording artist. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, especially when you consider how much effort Bob has put into his music-making