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'Recorded in a matter of 30 hours': Jimmy Page goes inside the sessions for Led Zeppelin's debut

Brad Tolinski, in a forthcoming book called Light And Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page, shares a series of interviews held with the notoriously press-shy guitarist.

Something Else! sneak peek: Steven Wilson, "Luminol" (2012)

Even as Steven Wilson reenters the studio with legendary engineer Alan Parsons to record his third solo LP, fans are getting a sneak peek at one of project’s new songs.

Toto’s David Paich opens up about Mike Porcaro’s battle with ALS: ‘Hanging in there’

Toto has reformed over each of the last three summers to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, after bassist Mike Porcaro was diagnosed with the motor neuron disorder most commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Iris Ornig – No Restrictions (2012)

About three years ago I went out on a limb and called my shots on up-and-coming female jazz performers — players, not singers — who are destined for bigger and better things in this formally male-dominated province.

Solo albums from members of Pink Floyd: Gimme Five

Nobody is going to accuse Pink Floyd — whether collectively, or apart — of inundating the market with product. The group has only issued three projects in the last 30 years, while its members have been just as stingy with solo albums.

Forgotten series: Don and the Goodtimes – Don and the Goodtimes (1994)

Not only do Don and the Goodtimes boast a library of great music, but their family tree is quite interesting. To begin with, the band, which formed in 1964 in Portland, Oregon, featured Don Gallucci from the Kingsmen.