Archive for September 5th, 2012

Bob Dylan – Tempest (2012)

The forthcoming Tempest, with a scarifying Titanic narrative as its centerpiece, promised to be the ever-enigmatic, never-tiring Bob Dylan’s most somber, ruminative work yet. But it’s different in the listening.

Michael Feinberg – The Elvin Jones Project (2012)

For his third album Michael Feinberg originally sought to pay tribute to all the great bassists before him, but a funny thing happened on the way to making this record. Elvin Jones happened.

On Second Thought: J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton – The Road to Escondido (2006)

It was just one of those nights. So much better than expected. In one evening, I got to see Rock God Eric Clapton and his blues father Muddy Waters.

One Track Mind: Third International, "Chemical Eyes/ Good Friday at Little Rock" (2012)

As Third International’s new double-sided single “Chemical Eyes/ Good Friday at Little Rock” spins, one thing becomes utterly clear: There’s no round hole to put this square peg.