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'I'm not just this tribute singer': Long-time fan Jon Davison thrilled to put his stamp on Yes

Jon Davison says he got tremendously positive feedback from Yes fans during a summer tour, with many praising him for echoing the band’s past triumphs even as Davison makes his own distinctive contributions.

'Completely self contained': Paul Stanley on why Kiss will never use outside writers again

There was a time in which outside writers made huge contributions to the music of Kiss, but Paul Stanley says that time is done — and the band’s forthcoming album Monster is more cohesive for it.

'Quite a band': Jonathan Cain goes inside the original sessions for Journey's "Faithfully"

Sometimes, inspiration can happen with all of the suddenness and illumination of a lightning strike: Such was the case when Journey entered the studio to record “Faithfully,” keyboardist and songwriter Jonathan Cain says.

Genesis co-founder Mike Rutherford moves on with Mike and the Mechanics: ‘I’d rather live in the now’

Genesis co-founder Mike Rutherford didn’t often return to moments with old band during this year’s tour with Mike and the Mechanics. In fact, over a nearly two-hour set, Rutherford included no more than three Genesis tracks.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Century’s End" (1988)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** After The Nightfly Donald Fagen continued to work in music but over the next decade, he lowered his profile.

One Track Mind: Jeff Lynne, "At Last" (2012)

At last! Jeff Lynne, having most recently issued a solo album in 1990 with Armchair Theatre, will be returning with two new studio recordings. But … “At Last”? The Etta James number?

Movies: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak of the Devil (2012)

First off, the name of this DVD might be a little confusing. Though recorded on the same 1982 tour, this is not the visual companion to Ozzy’s album of the same name.

Donna Greenberg – Mav’rik (2012)

Mav’rik lives up to its title from the first, as Donna Greenberg does that most unusual of things — populate a jazz singer’s album with 12 original compositions.