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'I'm not just this tribute singer': Long-time fan Jon Davison thrilled to put his stamp on Yes

Jon Davison says he got tremendously positive feedback from Yes fans during a summer tour, with many praising him for echoing the band’s past triumphs even as Davison makes his own distinctive contributions.

Paul Stanley on why Kiss will never use outside writers again: ‘Completely self contained’

Paul Stanley on why Kiss will never use outside writers again: ‘Completely self contained’

Paul Stanley said he put his foot down after assuming producer duties for Kiss’ 2012 studio album ‘Monster.’

'Quite a band': Jonathan Cain goes inside the original sessions for Journey's "Faithfully"

Sometimes, inspiration can happen with all of the suddenness and illumination of a lightning strike: Such was the case when Journey entered the studio to record “Faithfully,” keyboardist and songwriter Jonathan Cain says.

Genesis co-founder Mike Rutherford moves on with Mike and the Mechanics: ‘I’d rather live in the now’

Genesis co-founder Mike Rutherford didn’t often return to moments with old band during this year’s tour with Mike and the Mechanics. In fact, over a nearly two-hour set, Rutherford included no more than three Genesis tracks.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Century’s End" (1988)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** After The Nightfly Donald Fagen continued to work in music but over the next decade, he lowered his profile.

One Track Mind: Jeff Lynne, "At Last" (2012)

At last! Jeff Lynne, having most recently issued a solo album in 1990 with Armchair Theatre, will be returning with two new studio recordings. But … “At Last”? The Etta James number?

Movies: Ozzy Osbourne – Speak of the Devil (2012)

First off, the name of this DVD might be a little confusing. Though recorded on the same 1982 tour, this is not the visual companion to Ozzy’s album of the same name.

Donna Greenberg – Mav’rik (2012)

Mav’rik lives up to its title from the first, as Donna Greenberg does that most unusual of things — populate a jazz singer’s album with 12 original compositions.