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Something Else! Featured Artist: Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra

News that Jeff Lynne is making a long-awaited return with both a studio album and a fresh examination of ELO’s greatest hits had us recalling some old favorites.

Something Else! sneak peek: Robert Cray, "(Won't Be) Coming Home" (2012)

Robert Cray’s forthcoming album, called Nothin But Love, was crafted with “dirt under the fingernails,” according to legendary producer Kevin Shirley. Stream the lead single here!

Keith Jarrett/ Jan Garbarek/ Palle Danielsson/ Jon Christensen – Sleeper (2012)

With such a focus here on Keith Jarrett’s sublime Standards trio that has been going on for thirty years, now, along with some monumental solo piano records of the 1970s, it can almost be forgiven if we had overlooked Jarrett’s American Quartet

Gimme Five: Steve Lukather on Toto’s "Hold the Line," "Pamela," "Hydra," others

As Steve Lukather and Toto return for a series of concert dates, the celebrated guitarist stops by to explore a number of tracks from his time in the band

George Bunnell, of the Strawberry Alarm Clock: Something Else! Interview

George Bunnell, of the Strawberry Alarm Clock: Something Else! Interview

Beverly Paterson talks to co-founder George Bunnell about the origins of the Strawberry Alarm Clock – and why they finally reunited again.

Marcus Miller – Renaissance (2012)

A couple of years ago when bassist/composer/bandleader Marcus Miller revisited Miles Davis’ Tutu, a late-period Miles album that was essentially a Marcus Miller album with Miles as the primary lead voice, Miller was revisiting himself, too.

Best of July 2012: Reader picks include John Frusciante, Mike Keneally, the Beach Boys and Beatles

Offbeat new music from John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s fame and a new collaboration between Frank Zappa alum Mike Keneally and XTC’s Andy Partridge ranked among the month’s big draws.

Olivier Manchon – Orchestre de Chambre Miniature, Vol. 1 (2010)

3-D is the big thing in movies right now. Tons of special effects. Tons of computer-generated stuff. The Luddite in me hesitates to refer to any of this as ‘film’ anymore.