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One Track Mind: Dave Stewart featuring Orianthi, "Girl in a Catsuit" (2012)

There is a droning, strangely intoxicating groove to this song, like a reckless combining of a two-on-the-tongue night of acid and some grease-popping north Mississippi blues.

Forgotten series: The Leaves – Hey Joe (1993)

Although folk singer and future Quicksilver Messenger Service vocalist Dino Valenti is said to have composed “Hey Joe,” it was actually copyrighted by Billy Roberts.

Jefferson Starship – Tales from the Mothership (2012)

A star-stuffed stop by Jefferson Starship at the Roswell UFO Festival offers new insight into the legends of Jefferson Airplane, the Dead and CSN, as well — along with a powerful reminder of that era’s deep sense of musical community.

The Friday Morning Listen: Thomas Dolby – The Golden Age Of Wireless (1982)

A couple of mornings ago, me and one of my music nerd friends were having a good chuckle over the results of a recent scientific study, the distillation of which was published online at The Economist.