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‘I try to be myself’: John Oates enjoys living and working in Nashville, but he’s not going country

Though John Oates has been a Nashville resident for some time now, you shouldn’t look for him in a ten-gallon hat on the cover of his next all-original solo release.

'Tom Petty kind of feel': Former Genesis frontman Ray Wilson at work on new solo album

Former Genesis frontman Ray Wilson is in the studio, putting the finishing touches on as many as a dozen tracks co-written by Peter Hoff, a producer and collaborator with Wilson’s band Stiltskin.

Inside the happenstance behind Jefferson Starship’s cool 1970s album covers: ‘Almost by accident’

Inside the happenstance behind Jefferson Starship’s cool 1970s album covers: ‘Almost by accident’

Starting with 1973’s ‘Dragonfly,’ Jefferson Starship issued a trio of well-received albums with an interlocking cover-image theme.

'It had a good effect on us': Seeing Jon Davison with Yes might spur Glass Hammer to tour more

Members of Glass Hammer say their enthusiasm over bandmate Jon Davison’s performance with Yes late last month in Georgia could result in additional live dates.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Walk Between Raindrops" (1982)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** “Ruby Baby” is the only cover on The Nightfly but when I first heard the buoyant, innocent love song “Walk Between Raindrops,” I thought it was a soul-jazz take on some pop ditty from the late 50s/early 60s, too.

Stephen Kalinich and Jon Tiven – Symptomology/ Shortcuts to Infinity (2012)

Symptomology and Shortcuts to Infinity sound nothing like the Beach Boys — and that’s saying something, considering lyricist Steve Kalinich’s long history with the band.

Yes – The Yes Album (1971): On Second Thought

Because I was a huge fan of progressive rock back in the 1970s, I believed I was among music’s most enlightened devotees. My love of prog grew from being a fan of Yes, the sub-genre’s most popular and successful band.

Movies: The Beatles – Their Golden Age (2012)

Every day, DVDs surface purporting to contain “rare” Beatles footage and exclusive interviews. The latest entry in the parade, The Beatles: Their Golden Age, claims to be a “superb documentary”