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'Additional touches being added': John Fogerty pushes back release date for new album

John Fogerty, a legendary perfectionist, is going to take a little more time crafting his upcoming covers project — and it looks like that work will include some additional new songs.

'No more beer, no more wine': Arnel Pineda discusses preparing for Journey's marathon concerts

Over his last few years with Journey, Arnel Pineda gets a lot of credit with fans for having recaptured the high-flying vocal pyrotechnics of the band’s platinum era with former vocalist Steve Perry. But it doesn’t come easy.

Debunking the myth that 'You Really Got Me' featured a solo by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

For years now, the legend has gone that Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, a favored sideman for Kinks producer Shel Talmy, actually played the titanic solo on “You Really Got Me” — one of the signature moments in 1960s rock.

Joey DeFrancesco, with Larry Coryell and Jimmy Cobb – Wonderful! Wonderful! (2012)

Everything old is not quite new again on Joey DeFrancesco’s forthcoming Wonderful! Wonderful!, though I found myself disarmed nevertheless by this album’s old-school charms.

Forgotten series: The Movin’ Morfomen – Flashbacks! (1997)

Formed in 1965, the Movin’ Morfomen staged quite an impact throughout their home state of New Mexico. Based in Espanola, situated just north of Santa Fe, the band issued five singles before the decade drew to a close.

Jerome Sabbagh – Plugged In (2012)

For his fifth album, the French tenor saxman Jerome Sabbagh went “electric” and not only amplified the sounds but also succeeded in amplifying his musical message.

The Friday Morning Listen: Patti Smith Group – Easter (1978)

I’m beginning to wonder if anybody has passion about anything anymore. And why would I think this? An impromptu study in contrasts.