Fans push Stick Men well past fundraising goal, deluxe new album Deep due in October

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Over the last few years, Tony Levin’s Stick Men have often stopped touring long enough to crank out a quick EP, before hitting the road again to bring the new music to their fans. This time, Levin says they’re doing it the right way.

The Stick Men — which also includes Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter — took a rare and extended sabbatical in order to construct Deep, a forthcoming release that will include expanded packaging to boot: A deluxe edition is planned “with DVD of 5.1 mix, live video footage, ‘making of’ video footage, and a special art package,” Levin tells us.

Levin and Mastelotto are both former members of King Crimson. Reuter also has a Crimson connection, having studied Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft.

Of course, a project like theirs has never been more difficult to get off the ground, and that’s where the Stick Men’s legions of devoted supporters came in. Asked to help fund the Deep album effort, fans making a total of 221 pledges as of today have quickly pushed funding well past Levin’s initial goal — to 120 percent and counting. There are various pledge levels still available, from $10 (for an album download and updates), through to $40 (a signed CD edition) and $100 (a deluxe CD/DVD edition, T-shirt and signed card), all the way up to a $3,000 level which includes, among other things, executive producer credit on the album.

Deep is due on October 19, 2012. The project’s theme revolves around whale watching, something Levin says he’s done many times from the Cape Cod to Boston areas. The trio has been working out a tone poem that, by movement four, features the appearance of a whale.

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“I hope it’ll be a milestone piece for us, and I know it’ll be popular in the live show,” Levin told Pledge Music, enthusing about the opportunity to “take the extra time to write great stuff, refine it, and have the mixing, mastering, and artwork done as well as the music deserves.”

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