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Gimme Five: Songs where Supertramp, well, sucked

Supertramp’s golden era is generally understood to have been between 1974-79, spanning Crime of the Century through Breakfast in America. Perhaps predictably, none of our selections come from that period.

Marquis Hill – Sounds Of The City (2012)

Last year Marquis Hill introduced himself on his debut album New Gospel as a trumpeter, composer and bandleader who can weave in all sorts of modern grooves that give no ground in defending the proud traditions of jazz.

From panels to live jams, splendid time had by all at the 2012 Fest for Beatles Fans

To discuss “every sound there is,” Beatles enthusiasts converged on Rosemont, Illinois for the 36th annual Fest for Beatles Fans. From August 10-12, 2012, Beatles experts, musicians, and enthusiasts gathered at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare

The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Blood Money (2002)

Had he not died in 1994, Charles Bukowski would have just celebrated (yesterday) his 92nd birthday. Yeah, old Hank living to the ripe old age of 92, “ripe” being the key word here