King's X set to retake the road with recovered co-founding drummer Jerry Gaskill

King’s X will return to North America for the first time since drummer Jerry Gaskill’s heart attack earlier this year, with dates beginning in New York this September.

The band, which is appearing in support of Kansas, has just released Live Love In London, a concert CD/DVD that followed their studio effort XV. Complete announced tour dates so far are included below.

Gaskill, a co-founding member of King’s X, is also an integral part of their three-part vocal attack — and has sung lead on a trio of King’s X tracks. Their 1989 album Gretchen Goes to Nebraska was based, in part, on one of his original narratives. Gaskill has also performed with Galactic Cowboys, Jay Hooks, Black Sugar Transmission and Supershine, among others, while releasing a solo album called Come Somewhere in 2004.

He was felled on February 26, even as King’s X was preparing for a subsequently cancelled three-week tour, which was to begin on March 28 in Austin, Texas. The prog rock band had intended to use those concert dates to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of its celebrated self-titled debut for Atlantic Records.

“Not too long ago, I was thinking I might not ever get back on a stage,” Gaskill says. “Now I’m ready, and with the OK from all my doctors, what better way to get back than to tour with the legendary Kansas?”

Upcoming dates for Kansas/King’s X …

9/13/2012–New York, NY–Best Buy Theater
9/14/2012–Bethlehem, PA–Sands Casino
9/15/2012–Atlantic City, NJ–Music Box
9/20/2012–Springfield, IL–Prairie Capitol Conv. Ctr
9/21/2012–St. Charles, IL–The Arcada Theatre
9/22/2012–Minneapolis, MN–The Myth
10/4/2012–Des Moines, IA–Val Air Blrm
10/5/2012–Salina, KS–Stiefel Theater
10/6/2012–Kansas City, MO–The Uptown Theater

Here’s a look back at our recent thoughts on King’s X. Click through the titles for more …

KING’S X – XV (2008): X equals 10 and V equals 5. Fourteen albums bearing the King’s X moniker and one by Sneak Preview, the early version of the band that simply bore a different name. Made sense to me, in a weird way. Michael Wagener, who really tightened things up when he produced the band’s previous album, Ogre Tones, was back to crack the whip for XV. So there were deep, driving grooves, catchy melodies, and the always incredible guitar work of Ty Tabor. Why this band has continually suffered from near anonymity is beyond me. Same old story, isn’t it? You know what to do about that, don’t you?

KING’S X – LIVE ALL OVER THE PLACE (2004): Three-part harmonies, a verified guitar-god genius, and some of the lowest, thickest, sludgiest bass around — King’s X is like the Beatles of metal, but they go year-after-year depressingly ignored. They scored a few minor hits in the early 1990s and then pretty much sunk off the radar screen of mainstream music, but these guys have, for the most part, turned out consistently good albums all along. After all this time, they finally released a live album that shows what a great live band they are. It’s totally raw — straight from the soundboard — but the energy of the show carries the somewhat dry recording.


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