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Desert Island Discs: 1960s Classic Rock Edition

Our voters for 1960s-era classic rock Desert Island Discs were of two minds: The band of the decade was clearly the Beatles, while the album vote went to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

One Track Mind: Bob Mould, "The Descent" from Silver Age (2012)

The recent reissue of Bob Mould’s underrated early-1990s work with Sugar was but prologue for this new single — a burst of guitar-pop blitzkrieg that recalls his Husker Du-era work on Flip Your Wig.

Claudio Scolari Project with Daniele Cavalca and Simone Scolari – Synthesis (2012)

When Italian drummer Claudio Scolari decided to record his fifth album Colors of Red Island, he was taking a risk by having Daniele Cavalca perform on this album, not because there was any question about Cavalca’s musicianship

Something Else! sneak peek: Billy Sherwood, "Drone Deciphers" (2012)

“Drone Deciphers,” the lead single from Billy Sherwood’s forthcoming solo album The Art of Survival, is a tweeked-out piece of space-age alienation that has more to do with Peter Gabriel than Sherwood’s time in Yes