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'Too debilitating': King Crimson's Robert Fripp on the music industry, and his lengthy silence

A new interview with the Financial Times of London — his first sitdown with a print journalist in seven years — finds Robert Fripp railing against the music industry.

'The other voice of Genesis': Ex-frontman Ray Wilson shines new light on classic songs

Ray Wilson, who fronted a Phil Collins-less edition of Genesis in the late 1990s, says his favorite era of the band was, in fact, the early Collins years.

Devin Gray – Dirigo Rataplan (2012)

Some artists begin their recording career as a leader rather tepidly, playing it safe with stable, derivative styles and often performing other people’s songs before stretching out, taking chances and establishing their own identities on later records.

The Rubinoos – Basement Tapes (1993): Forgotten series

Rewind the clock to Berkeley, California 1970 and encounter a landscape flush with political unrest, acid-infested blues jams and alternative lifestyles.

The Friday Morning Listen: Greg Brown – Down In There (1990)

It’s like the tides, only slower. There’s this nursery I used to drive by on the way to work, with the majority of the plants layed out on a very long piece of black gardener’s cloth.