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Steely Dan Sunday, "Maxine" (1982)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** We all like to think that Steely Dan’s music is distinguished by sly lyrics, complex harmonies, elite musicianship and sharp production. While those attributes might be found in nearly every Steely Dan song, the most instantly recognizable feature is not any of those things.

Tony Savarino – Guitaresque (2012)

This is music made for summer, for never-ending afternoon dreamscapes followed by brilliant bursts of color as the sun dives behind the dunes.

Something Else! Playlists: The Rock Anthem

So I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning, attempting to wipe the dust of sleep out of my droopy eyes while waiting for the five-minute coffee timer to go off.

The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Wake Up Where You Are (2012)

The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Wake Up Where You Are (2012)

Strawberry Alarm Clock’s 2012 comeback ‘Wake Up Where You Are’ duplicates and expands on the brand of psychedelic zest they are defined by.