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Something Else! sneak peek: Don Felder, "Fall from the Grace of Love" (2012)

Don Felder, best known for writing the music for “Hotel California” and his hit title track for the 1981 film “Heavy Metal,” hasn’t exactly been prolific away from the Eagles. In fact, the forthcoming Road to Forever is just his second solo release ever.

'Who the f*ck is Rick Rubin?': Has the legendary producer lost his touch?

With a proposed album of covers with Crosby Stills and Nash now scuttled, never-ending delays with ZZ Top’s new project, and similar mishaps with Slipnot and Muse, the question becomes: Has Rick Rubin, once a sure-fire producer, lost his touch?

Deep Beatles: "All I’ve Got to Do" from With the Beatles (1963)

Deep Beatles: "All I’ve Got to Do" from With the Beatles (1963)

As any Beatles student knows, the four made no secret of their love for R&B. Before they conquered the world, they cut their teeth on tracks by Little Richard, Arthur Alexander, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Gimme Five: Mike Keneally explores the riddle of Miles Davis, the influence of Metallica

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, Mike Keneally talks about working with — and working without — XTC’s Andy Partridge on the terrific new album Wing Beat Fantastic.

fo/mo/deep – A Beautiful Bang (2012)

Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep calls themselves an “Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective,” and it’s truth in advertising.

Adam Gilbert – A Generation of Forgotten Kings (2012)

Nervy in its ambitions, thrilling in its sense of influence-smashing alchemy, and memorable for its raw emotional honesty, Adam Gilbert’s A Generation of Forgotten Kings is an exciting find.