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Jon Herington – Time On My Hands (2012)

One of the recurring themes in my long-running series “Steely Dan Sunday” is that if a guitar player is good enough for Steely Dan, they’re probably good enough for anybody.

'It was great fun': Mike Keneally on XTC, Frank Zappa and the enduring magic of Tarkus

By turns angular, poetic, experimental and gorgeously intelligent, Mike Keneally’s new collaboration with Andy Partridge more fully explores the lesser-known impact of XTC in his sound.

Forgotten series: Deep Purple, the Hollies, Steve Howe, Jeff Lynne – Psychedelica (2000)

By the late 1960s, pop music’s vocabulary had expanded to such a mercurial degree that anything and everything not designed of conventional procedures was seemingly placed under the banner labeled psychedelic.