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Gimme Five: Songs where the Beach Boys, well, sucked

The Beach Boys have been showered with accolades since belatedly reuniting again with Brian Wilson, the results of which became their first original full-length album in decades.

Forgotten series: The Royal Guardsmen – Anthology (1995)

Due to their hit singles concerning the antics of Snoopy, the wise beagle in the “Peanuts” comic strip, the Royal Guardsmen were branded a novelty act.

Half Notes: The Impossible Gentlemen – The Impossible Gentlemen (2012)

UK guitarist Mike Walker got this capital idea to put together a quartet with Americans Steve Swallow (el. bass) and Adam Nussbaum (drums), and enlisted young piano talent and fellow Englishman Gwilym Simcock to round out the group.

OUiZZZ – Hello Goodbye (2012)

There is a real sense, as OUiZZZ’s galvanizing, sometimes deeply experimental Hello Goodbye unfolds, of joint discovery. Though formed a decade ago in Lausanne, Switzerland, this band still plays like a lively conversation amongst new friends

The Friday Morning Listen: John Lurie – Fishing With John (1998)

It’s the height of summer and it’s been nut-sweatin’ hot outside. That means it’s time to pack up my tackle boxes and go on my yearly backwoods fishing expedition.