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One Track Mind: Matt Garrison, "The Madness Within" (2012)

Saxophone sage Matt Garrison (not to be confused with bassist Matthew Garrison) recently made his second album, Blood Songs, and for truly talented musicians on an upward trajectory, that sophomore effort is often where the big growth occurs.

Devendra Banhart – What Will We Be (2009)

Have you ever listened to a record and then sat there thinking, “OK …. so what the hell was that?!” I’m not talking about individual songs that might stick out, but the whole thing.

Gimme Five: All-time favorite posthumously released albums

The news that there could be as many as two more albums from Amy Winehouse, a year after her passing, got us to thinking about posthumous releases.

One Track Mind: Sepultura, “Bullet the Blue Sky” (2003)

There are a couple of reasons I shouldn’t like this song. First, it’s a cover of my favorite U2 number, and while I’m not a huge U2 fan, covers of my favorite songs by other bands generally don’t work for me