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Rory Block – I Belong To The Band: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis (2012)

Six years ago, Rory Block undertook an ambitious project she dubbed the Mentor Series that was instigated with the release of The Lady And Mr. Johnson

Rainy Day Saints – All These Strange Ghosts (2011)

Nabbing my vote as one of the finest contemporary bands to be had, Rainy Day Saints came barreling out of the gates with yet another electrifying disc.

Greg Kihn on “The Break Up Song,” “Jeopardy” and others: Gimme Five

Greg Kihn on “The Break Up Song,” “Jeopardy” and others: Gimme Five

Find out why the invention of the portable Casio keyboard sparked the Greg Kihn Band’s first-ever dance hit.

Half Notes: Squarepusher – Just a Souvenir (2008)

Squarepusher (OK, it’s really just a guy with a boatload of electronic blurpy noisemaker thingies. Oh, his name is Tom Jenkinson) takes electronic music and infuses it with as much humanity as possible.

Hank Williams Jr. – Old School, New Rules (2012)

Sadly, the latest from Hank Jr. is pretty much everything that I hoped it wouldn’t be. There’s a lot of grousing about the government, a lot of trying to convince us he’s just a good ole boy like us