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JD Allen Trio – The Matador and the Bull (2012)

Every so often, we are lucky enough to come across a record that flips previous musical conventions on its head — a record that is fresh, original and that forces us to think differently

Michael Des Barres – Carnaby Street (2012)

Michael Des Barres has seen a lot of rock ‘n’ roll highway pass by. But he’s still itching to explore new sideroads.

Half Notes: Steve Davis – Gettin' It Done (2012)

Former Jazz Messenger Steve Davis might not have the name recognition of his Blakey forbear Curtis Fuller, but he’s no less a talented trombone player.

Forgotten series: Earl Greyhound – Soft Targets (2006)

I would like to discuss St. Cilium-Mortua, the little known (but much beloved) patron saint of hearing loss. Primarily the favored saint for cathedral bell-ringers, St. Cilium-Mortua became much more busy in the 1960s and ’70s