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One Track Mind: Kiss, “Hell or Hallelujah” (2012)

I won’t say that “Hell or Hallelujah” had the same impact on me as hearing “Unholy” from Kiss’ Revenge record, but it’s a very similar situation.

Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day III and Canada Day Octet (2012)

Toronto born, New York based drummer Harris Eisenstadt has taken the master route for learning the ins and outs of modern creative jazz music

One Track Mind: The English Beat, "Save It For Later" (1982; 2012 reissue)

Their name focused on rhythm, but short-changing the shooting-star early-1980s post-punkers English Beat as a ska band is to ignore their essential, still deeply interesting complexities.

Download: J.D. Souther – NoiseTrade Sampler EP (2012)

If you know J.D. Souther, one of the 1970s’ unjustly overlooked country-rock svengalis, it’s likely as a collaborator with the Eagles.

The Friday Morning Listen: The Police – Ghost In The Machine (1981)

While packing up a house in the effort to get it ready for sale, there comes a time when the oddest sensation arrives — when you feel like the house just isn’t yours anymore…and that you no longer belong there.