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New 4-CD box focuses on Jefferson Starship's appearance at the Roswell UFO Festival

Gonzo MultiMedia is set to release Tales from the Mothership, a special four-CD box set focusing on the reunited Jefferson Starship’s 2009 appearance at the Roswell UFO Parade and Festival.

'Happy to be working with Don Was': Van Morrison returns to Blue Note for new studio effort

Van Morrison returns to Blue Note Records for a new studio album Born To Sing: No Plan B, to be released on October 2, 2012.

The Beatles, “Eight Days A Week” from Beatles For Sale (1964): Deep Beatles

The year was 1985; the scene, Mr. Tantillo’s eighth-grade chorus class. On Fridays, students were allowed to bring in their own music so we could “experience” diverse tastes.

Something Else! sneak peek: Blackberry Smoke, “Six Ways to Sunday” (2012)

Pushing play on Blackberry Smoke’s “Six Ways to Sunday” is like cracking open a time capsule buried about 35 years or so ago in the neighborhood of Jacksonville , Fla.

S. Victor Aaron’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012, Part 1 of 4: Non-Jazz

Since 2007, I’ve had year-end lists for the albums I thought stood out over the rest, within and without jazz. If the Mayans are to be believed, there won’t be time for year-end lists for 2012

Jim Hall – Jim Hall's Three (1986)

A great example of a player who’s equally comfortable in both traditional and “modern” settings.