Steely Dan Sunday: A compilation of all the main entries

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“Kids if you want some fun, check out the links below!”

Hard to believe that more than fifteen months ago I embarked on a long-term project reviewing Steely Dan, track-by-track, in the same order within the albums, and chronological order amongst the albums. That rule was already broken when I started with “Reelin’ In The Years” instead of “Do It Again,” intentionally done so because the title of the song encapsulates what this column seeks to accomplish with the Steely Dan catalog. As I explained in that introductory piece on March 20, 2011, “I’ve long planned on writing a “Steely Dan for Dummies” piece, but being cognizant of the sheer volume of work required to do that the right way scared me away from even starting on it. Instead, I’ll ruminate on Steely Dan in bite-sized pieces, one song at a time, in chronological order. Every Sunday morning until there’s no more songs. Maybe I’ll go into the Fagen and Becker solo works after that, I don’t know (but I could have a change of heart).

As of this writing, with Gaucho completed, we’ve made it through the “classic” first seven albums and there’s now plenty enough published to justify putting together some sort of an index/table of contents/sitemap to make it easier to navigate amongst all the articles. Some of you might have stumbled upon an article without noticing it was part of some long-running series, or didn’t want to deal with the hassle to hunting around for all the articles. Well, the hassle has now been removed, because below is the ordered list of the linked song titles. Click on a song title and you’ll be taken straight to the SDS entry for that song. Furthermore, links have been placed at the top of each article giving you one-click access to either the song before or the song after the one you’re currently viewing. This list will be updated every week as a new article is added, until we’ve got every Steely Dan, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker recording covered. Lawdy, that could take us well into 2013 or maybe beyond!

And just for kicks, I placed asterisks next to my picks for the choicest deep cuts. Explore, and enjoy!

Update: With a quick whip back to the beginning with the obscure “Dallas/Sail The Waterway” single, the list is complete as of June 15, 2014. But check back every Sunday for new entries on other, Steely Dan-related topics.

Dallas/Sail The Waterway

Do It Again
Dirty Work
*Midnite Cruiser
*Only A Fool Would Say That
Reelin’ In The Years
Fire in the Hole
Change of the Guard
Turn That Heartbeat Over Again

Razor Boy
*The Boston Rag
Your Gold Teeth
*Show Biz Kids
My Old School
Pearl Of The Quarter
King Of The World

Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
*Night By Night
*Any Major Dude Will Tell You
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
*Parker’s Band
Through With Buzz
*Pretzel Logic
With A Gun
Charlie Freak
Monkey in Your Soul

Black Friday
Bad Sneakers
*Rose Darling
Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More
*Dr. Wu
Everyone’s Gone To The Movies
*Your Gold Teeth II
Chain Lightning
Any World (That I’m Welcome To)
Throw Back The Little Ones

Kid Charlemagne
*The Caves Of Altamira
*Don’t Take Me Alive
*Sign In Stranger
The Fez
*Green Earrings
Haitian Divorce
Everything You Did
*The Royal Scam

*Here At The Western World

*Black Cow
Deacon Blues
*Home At Last
*I Got The News
*(You Got) The Bear (unreleased)

FM (No Static At All)

The Second Arrangement (unreleased)
*Babylon Sisters
Hey Nineteen
Glamour Profession
Time Out Of Mind
My Rival
*Third World Man

True Companion (Donald Fagen)

THE NIGHTFLY (Donald Fagen)
*Green Flower Street
Ruby Baby
New Frontier
*The Nightfly
The Goodbye Look
Walk Between Raindrops

Century’s End (Donald Fagen)
Shanghai Confidential (Donald Fagen)

Reflections (Steve Khan/Donald Fagen)

KAMAKIRIAD (Donald Fagen)
Trans-Island Skyway
Tomorrow’s Girls
*Florida Room
On The Dunes
Teahouse On The Tracks

Confide In Me (Donald Fagen)
Big Noise, New York (Donald Fagen)

11 TRACKS OF WHACK (Walter Becker)
Down In The Bottom
Junkie Girl
*Surf And/Or Die
Book Of Liars
Lucky Henry
*Hard Up Case
My Waterloo
This Moody Bastard
Hat Too Flat
Little Kawai

Fall of ’92 (Walter Becker)
Lies I Can Believe (Walter Becker)
Medical Science (Walter Becker)

Babylon Sisters
Green Earrings
Reelin’ In The Years
Book Of Liars
Third World Man
Kid Charlemagne
Sign In Stranger

*Gaslighting Abbie
*What A Shame About Me
Two Against Nature
Janie Runaway
*Almost Gothic
*Jack Of Speed
Cousin Dupree
Negative Girl
*West Of Hollywood

The Last Mall
Things I Miss The Most
Blues Beach
Slang Of Ages
*Green Book
Lunch With Gina
Everything Must Go

The Steely Dan Show (unreleased)

MORPH THE CAT (Donald Fagen)
*Morph The Cat/Morph The Cat (Reprise)
H Gang
What I Do
*Brite Nitegown
*The Great Pagoda Of Funn
*Security Joan
The Night Belongs to Mona
Mary Shut The Garden Door

CIRCUS MONEY (Walter Becker)
Door Number Two
Downtown Canon
Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore
Upside Looking Down
*Paging Audrey
Circus Money
Selfish Gene
Do You Remember The Name
Somebody’s Saturday Night
*Darkling Down
*God’s Eye View
Three Picture Deal

SUNKEN CONDOS (Donald Fagen)
Slinky Thing
I’m Not The Same Without You || Preston Frazier’s take
Weather In My Head
The New Breed
*Out Of The Ghetto || Preston Frazier’s take
*Miss Marlene
Good Stuff
Planet D’Rhonda

S. Victor Aaron

S. Victor Aaron

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