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Asia – XXX (2012)

The original superstar lineup of Asia continues a far more productive reunion era with its third album since 2006, one more than they achieved back in their hitmaking days.

Del Shannon – 1961-1990: A Complete Career Anthology (1998)

Contrary to collective belief, there was a lot of good music to be had prior to the worldwide invasion of the Beatles in 1964.

Cory Wong – Quartet/Quintet (2012)

Nearly every fusion jazz artist has a straight jazz side inside of them, and although not as often, the reverse is often true, too.

Nick DeRiso’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012: Blues and Jazz

Already, we’ve seen the blues and jazz genres enlivened by a series of out-of-nowhere surprises that included Little Feat, Wes Montgomery (yes, Wes Montgomery!) and Bonnie Raitt

The Friday Morning Listen: Tegan and Sara – This Business Of Art (2000)

Do you know anybody who makes art? Can you place a value on their work? Do you?