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As Yes’ tour breaks, Jon Davison's at work on new Glass Hammer album

When Yes added Jon Davison of Glass Hammer as its new lead singer, that didn’t mean the end of his prog band. In fact, Glass Hammer is at work on a new album

At 71, still-spritely Bob Dylan is gearing up for sprawling new tour, and 35th album

Bob Dylan just turned 71, but he’s not even close to slowing down. There’s both a new tour and album on the way.

'We'll do most of it': Neal Peart discusses how Clockwork Angels fits into new concerts

For a band like Rush, with both a well-received new album and 40-plus years of material in tow, making a set list can be a daunting task.

Still not clear when the Rolling Stones will tour – but they're not breaking up

It’s unclear when, or maybe if, the Rolling Stones will tour again. But one thing is certain: Contrary to a weekend report in the UK’s Sunday Mirror, they are not calling it quits.

Peter Buck, “10 Million B.C.” (2012): One Track Mind

It’s not like Peter Buck hasn’t been busy. In fact, he’s kinda been everywhere since R.E.M. split, participating in a number of side projects

Half Notes: Surface To Air – Surface To Air (2012)

The most obvious branding of the acoustic trio Surface To Air’s music is “world fusion” but it’s not really a “-jazz” kind of fusion, but rather a mélange of the East Indian/new age/folk variety.

Steve Poltz – Noineen Noiny Noin (2012)

What does singer-songwriter Steve Poltz and Prince have in common? Well, not much unless you’re from Australia, which in that case you might say that both have albums named after the last year of the last century.

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Stolen Car" (1980)

There are tons of love songs out there. Maybe even more tunes about breakups and their aftermath. The best of them, like a great poem, can take a long-view snapshot

Half Notes: Seth Walker – Time Can Change (2012)

Nashville-based Seth Walker hits a sweet spot of soulful folk-blues where Keb Mo, Eric Lindell and Eric Bibb intersect, and like those three, he has little trouble communicating the intended feel of his lyrics.