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Curtis Fuller – Down Home (2012)

Sounding something like the classic Blue Note recordings of trombonist Curtis Fuller’s youth, Down Home has an in-the-pocket joy that’s contagious.

One Track Mind: Jorn, “Ride Like the Wind” (2012)

Who could have guessed that a Christopher Cross song would have so much traction in the metal world? This is at least the third heavy cover of the song

The Rascals – The Ultimate Rascals (1986): On Second Thought

The Rascals – The Ultimate Rascals (1986): On Second Thought

Initially gaining prominence via a rollicking, danceable version of “Good Lovin,’” the Rascals quickly proved to be exceptional songwriters on their own terms.

The Endangered – The Endangered (EP) (2012)

Guitarist Nick Block, bassist Frank Abraham, drummer Gene Coye and vocalist Maiya Sykes originally pooled their talents together not as a performing band, but with the idea of working as a music-production house