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Curtis Fuller – Down Home (2012)

Sounding something like the classic Blue Note recordings of trombonist Curtis Fuller’s youth, Down Home has an in-the-pocket joy that’s contagious.

One Track Mind: Jorn, “Ride Like the Wind” (2012)

Who could have guessed that a Christopher Cross song would have so much traction in the metal world? This is at least the third heavy cover of the song

The Rascals – The Ultimate Rascals (1986)

From 1965 to 1969, the Young Rascals, who eventually slimmed their name down to simply the Rascals, racked up an impressive total of 13 top 40 hit singles.

The Endangered – The Endangered (EP) (2012)

Guitarist Nick Block, bassist Frank Abraham, drummer Gene Coye and vocalist Maiya Sykes originally pooled their talents together not as a performing band, but with the idea of working as a music-production house