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'Neil Young FAQ' Diaries: On the Beach, Now and Then and the Kershaw Connection

Although On The Beach is one of my very favorite Neil Young albums, I didn’t become fully aware of “Cajun Wildman” Rusty Kershaw’s unique connection to this masterpiece

Johnny DeBlase Quartet – Composites (2012)

Johnny DeBlase plays bass for a couple of thrash-jazz bands, including one of my personal favorites, Many Arms.

On Second Thought: ZZ Top – Texicali (2012)

Now this is more like it. When we got our first taste of new ZZ Top music a few months back with “Flying High,” I was seriously disappointed. I didn’t like it.

Johnnie Bassett – I Can Make That Happen (2012)

Self-taught Johnnie Bassett never thought much of the barriers between styles, and I Can Make That Happen is better for that.

Randy Crawford and Joe Sample – Live With Steve Gadd (2012)

Sometimes an artist’s lack of success in America remains a puzzle. No better example exists than Randy Crawford, the rare R&B vocalist who can handle jazz with equal aplomb.

The Friday Morning Listen: Desmond Dekker – Israelites: Anthology 1963-1999 (2001)

A funny thing happened to TheWife™ on the way home from work the other day: a six-hour road closure. I’ve complained about my commute before, but not even my worst winter horror story can compare to this