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'You can't please everyone': Paul McCartney surveys a life still devoted to silly love songs

Though more recent fare has been well received, there was once little Paul McCartney could do to quell the tide of vitriol from rock critics when it came to his solo work.

Something Else! sneak peek: An unreleased track from late Boston singer Brad Delp!

An album is in the works that features previously unreleased songs by the late Boston lead singer Brad Delp, who would have been 61 on June 12, 2012.

Is Van Halen set for an appearance at this year's Super Bowl halftime show?

When Eddie Van Halen, discussing the reunited Van Halen’s return to the road, mentioning possibly doing “something special” as part of the tour — without specifying just what — well, the rumor mill began to whir. One hot topic: The Super Bowl.

Peter Holsapple, of the dB’s: Something Else! Interview

Peter Holsapple, of the dB’s: Something Else! Interview

When Peter Holsapple decided to reunite with the rest of the original dB’s, they vowed to take their time. But then one year of recording then turned into two. Which turned into five. Then seven.

Mike Stern – All Over The Place (2012)

There might not be a more accurate title for a Mike Stern album than the one coming out next week.

Charlie Daniels Band – Live at Rockpalast (2012)

When you’re used to the ultra-conservative Charlie Daniels of today, it’s easy to forget that he was once a Southern-rock wild man. That’s where Live at Rockpalast comes in.