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'We're always gonna be together': Joe Perry on his complex relationship with Steven Tyler

Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have had their ups and downs over a lengthy tenure in Aerosmith, including a series of dramatic breakups, emotional dust-ups and very lucrative reunions.

Get back, honky cat!: Five classic 1970s Elton John albums to be reissued as box set

A new box set of Elton John’s classic 1970s albums has been announced, even as he readies for a new tour.

Aaron Neville working with Keith Richards, Don Was on upcoming album of doo-wop classics

The ever-eclectic Aaron Neville’s newest project, co-produced by Keith Richards and Don Was, will focus on classic songs from the doo-wop era.

Ailing Jon Lord returns with newest take on his signature 'Concerto for Group and Orchestra'

Deep Purple fans will remember keyboardist Jon Lord’s “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” from the classic rock band’s 2000-01 world tour. It’s become something of a touchstone piece for Lord

InterStatic – InterStatic (2012)

The British expat residing in Oslo Roy Powell is a Hammond B-3 specialist who prefers not to get stuck in tradition.

ZZ Top: Something Else! Featured Artist

After sampling ZZ Top’s return-to-form new 2012 EP Texicali — a four-song outburst of scalding Texas blues rocking and lip-smacking double entendre — we couldn’t help but scurry back to some old favorites.

Fifty Sides sheds new light on songs that made the Beach Boys' legend

Though Carl and Dennis Wilson are much missed, the harmonious and largely gratifying new album by the surviving and reunited Beach Boys comprises the first new studio material in over two decades