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The Rockologist: The Raconteurs – Live At Montreux (2012)

Although I don’t “feel it” exactly the same way that a lot of people do when it comes to Jack White, I do “get it.”

Yes' 1997 project Open Your Eyes set for reissue on heavy-weight vinyl

Yes’ Open Your Eyes, the legendary prog-rock band’s penultimate project with Jon Anderson, will be reissued on 180-gram heavy-weight vinyl.

Lost 1972 broadcasts from Captain Beefheart to be released for first time on DVD

Rare live performances from more than 40 years ago by the late idiosyncratic artist Don Van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart, will be featured in a forthcoming 2012 DVD

Henry Threadgill – Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp (2012)

Henry Threadgill is an improviser of the highest order, not because he can improvise on his saxophone or flute, but because he also impovises well with the structure of the song. That creates a unique kind disruption in his music

Rick Wakeman – In the Nick of Time (2012)

If there is a central image of prog rock’s excesses, it is likely the cape-sporting Yes man Rick Wakeman surrounded by a semi-circle of towering keyboards.

Drivin N Cryin – Songs from the Laundromat (2012): Half Notes

Kevn Kinney, longtime leader of Drivin N Cryin, cops to the fact that his group has always had a broad palette of influences

The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (1982)

So we’ve been in the process of getting our ancient house ready for sale. What this means is that there’s been a ton of cleaning, sorting, sneezing, donating, tossing out, and packing. Oh, did I mention the sneezing?