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On Second Thought: Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana (2012)

The first thing to know about Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s new album — their first together since 2003’s Greendale — is that everything is not as it seems here. At least not on the surface.

Lettuce – Fly (2012)

Lettuce is funk powerhouse of a supergroup, a rare supergroup where the group was formed before many of its members became “super” from other projects.

Half Notes: Fantomas – Suspended Animation (2005)

Each of their most recent three albums had some sort of gimmick involved, and jazz-metal-avant weirdos Fantomas’ Suspended Animation didn’t deviate from that successful formula.

Lil' Ed and the Blue Imperials – Jump Start (2012)

Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials serve as both a direct link back to the legacy of the old blues master J.B. Hutto and also the living template for Alligator Records’ house-rocking style of electrified roots music.

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Blackberry Smoke, “Son of the Bourbon” (2008)

Since being signed to Zac Brown’s record label and touring with Brown last year, Atlanta-based Blackberry Smoke is probably a lot better known

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "I'm A Rocker" (1980)

“I’m A Rocker” definitely lands on the light-hearted and fun side of The River. Nothin’ fancy here. It’s just Bruce hammering out the Rocker-As-Superhero story to his lady friend, while a wall of guitar, organ, and sax set up an enormous clatter. I wanted to show a video from the River tour, because the organ sound tended to amp upRead More