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Ryan Meagher – Tone (2012)

Guitarist Ryan Meagher describes his music in very straightforward terms; he calls it “modern jazz for the indie rocker.”

Jon Sandler – Late Night Champ (2012)

Blessedly unencumbered by a constricting sense of pop decorum, Late Night Champ has a kitchen-sink sense of discovery — as Jon Sandler thrillingly weaves in threads from across a broad musical spectrum.

Tyshawn Sorey – Koan (2009)

Sometimes, you dial up a particular piece of music because you know what you’re getting. You’re in a certain mood, and the Nth listen to The Ramones’ Rocket To Russia is what you need.

Testament, “True American Hate” from ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ (2012): Something Else! sneak peek

Testament, “True American Hate” from ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ (2012): Something Else! sneak peek

While most thrash bands have gone through identity crises since the ’80s ended, few of them have come out of that period as strong as Testament.

Cancer returns for celebrated soul singer Curtis Salgado; lung surgery planned

Award-winning soul blues singer/harmonica master Curtis Salgado will undergo surgery on July 18 in Portland, Oregon, to remove a cancerous growth from his lung

Half Notes: The Offspring – Days Go By (2012)

I haven’t thought about The Offspring in quite a few years, but when their latest record landed on my desk this week, I had to give it a try for old times’ sake.

Pink Floyd – The Story Of 'Wish You Were Here' (2012)

It is both interesting and somewhat telling that Eagle Rock’s Pink Floyd documentary The Story Of Wish You Were Here both begins and ends with footage of the band performing “Wish You Were Here”

Oh! My BlackBird – Dare Me (2012)

The cello-driven folk of Dare Me delights not just because of its offbeat instrumentation, but also in the way that it plays with dichotomies, with shadows and light, both musically and lyrically.

S. Victor Aaron’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

And now for the final installment of my first-ever, mid-year assessment of what are the best records we’ve covered here on SER. This time, we survey that murky hybrid world called “fusion jazz.”

Ryan Truesdell and the Gil Evans Project – Centennial (2012)

Even the most noble of tribute efforts can be sunk by a maudlin sense of care, the feeling that the great works being presented are sacrosanct — rather than living, malleable pieces of art. This album deftly avoids those mistakes.