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Queensryche – Sign of the Times (2007)

A best-of is really nothing to get excited about; they already have one of those, and this one even looks very similar in design. Basically, this sums up the band’s career from first album The Warning through Hear in the Now Frontier along with one track from Mindcrime II. There was a “deluxe edition,” of course, to tempt fans intoRead More

Marley's Ghost – Jubilee (2012)

If there is a group, in the era after the sad passing of Levon Helm, who can push forward the ageless Americana blueprint of the Band, it might just by Marley’s Ghost.

Spectrum Road – Spectrum Road (2012)

Spectrum Road – Spectrum Road (2012)

Fusion jazz is a music form where there’s been very little out there truly fresh and new for a long while. Spectrum Road changes that.

The Beach Boys – That’s Why God Made the Radio (2012)

Did we dare dream that the Beach Boys could cobble together something so brilliantly resonant, something that so perfectly mirrors their own dashed aspirations?

Half Notes: Fred Frith – To Sail, To Sail (2008)

It must be the time of year. It must be the heat. Or the humidity. Whatever the reason, I have a big hankering for some off-kilter music.

Chris Squire talks about collaborating with Steve Hackett: ‘We made good noise’

Chris Squire talks about collaborating with Steve Hackett: ‘We made good noise’

Chris Squire talks about a 2012 project with Steve Hackett, reuniting with Billy Sherwood, and the difficulties in finding time to make music outside of the familiar matrix of Yes.

On Second Thought: Paul and Linda McCartney – Ram (1971; 2012 reissue)

Four words can best sum up Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1971 album Ram: “Heart of the Country.”

October Tree – The Fairy's Wing (2012)

Guitarist and songwriter Greg Lounsberry knew that his wife Tammy was a good enough singer to merit an album of prog rock built around her voice, but he needed a worthy vehicle to do this right.

Something Else! Interview: Neal Doughty, of REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon is gearing up for a new round of dates as part of the ongoing Midwest Rock ‘N’ Roll Express tour, and founding keyboardist Neal Doughty couldn’t be happier.

One Track Mind: Eric Burdon, "Memorial Day" (2012)

Eric Burdon, still kicking complete ass at 70, offers a scalding indictment of the way we forget the sacrifices of others on “Memorial Day”