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Steve Smith and Vital Information – Live! One Great Night (2012)

Steve Smith, like Paul McCartney, has a solo career that’s way more extensive than the higher profile rock band he belonged to for a relatively short period of time, but he’ll always be known as that Journey drummer

Foreigner – Alive and Rockin' (2012)

Foreigner’s new live album is neither all that bad, nor all that good — probably worth the ticket price at the original concert venue, if you don’t pay too much attention, but instantly forgettable as a home listening experience.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba – XXI Century (2012)

A gutsy blend of contemplative Evans/Tristano-informed piano excursions and these grease-popping Cuban jams, pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s XXI Century takes us on a journey across time and cultures.

The Friday Morning Listen: Bee Gees – Here At Last Bee Gees…Live (1977)

So I’ve been spending some time recently filtering through “stuff.” That is, combing through piles, boxes, and closets full of belongings in the attempt to get our house ready for sale.