Half Notes: The Who – Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who (2007)

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It might be easy to look at the title of this and dismiss it as yet another of those “unauthorized biographies” that seem to show up every once in a while — the kind of thing that only completists will snap up. And looking at the cover doesn’t help: nearly generic, with that RAF logo that the band was known for in the early days. (It’s really a photo of Keith, but that’s beside the point.) It doesn’t look legit but it is, and in some ways it’s kind of the flip-side of The Kids Are Alright, which presented the band from the perspective of video clips from their career. Here, we get the band from their own perspective, via new interviews with Pete and Roger along with family and friends and archival footage — as well as some celebrity interjections about the band.

‘Half Notes’ are quick-take thoughts on music from Something Else! Reviews, presented whenever the mood strikes us.

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