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Chad Wackerman on the legacy of Frank Zappa, and a stirring new jazz-rock project

May 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of drummer Chad Wackerman’s studio debut with Frank Zappa on Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch. Wackerman would eventually appear on some two dozen Zappa recordings

Half Notes: Tim Carey – Room 114 (2012)

Seattle-based Tim Carey is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, composer and member of the zany sextet Reptet, a delightful outlaw jazz troupe I stumbled upon a few years back

Slash – Apocalyptic Love (2012)

After being less than impressed with Slash’s last solo album and its parade of guest stars, and being only a marginal fan of Velvet Revolver or Slash’s Snakepit, I didn’t go into Apocalyptic Love with my hopes too high.

Half Notes: Ralph Bowen – Total Eclipse (2012)

The cover for Ralph Bowen’s newest release Total Eclipse is a picture of a “ring of fire” solar exclipse, much like the one that provided a spectacular show for residents of the U.S. Southwest on Monday.

Robert Lamm – The JVE Remixes (2012)

Robert Lamm – The JVE Remixes (2012)

Is this going to draw fans from the electronica crowd into Robert Lamm’s Chicago catalog? Hard to say. Piss off the old fans? Likely.