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Shows I'll Never Forget: Lindsey Buckingham, May 19, 2012

At Neptune Theatre, Seattle, Washington: “The small machine appears to have just gotten a little smaller,” was how singer-songwriter, and Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham described it

Steely Dan Sunday, “Glamour Profession” (1980)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Glamour Profession” (1980)

Two things became apparent to me when first hearing “Glamour Profession” on Steely Dan’s ‘Gaucho.’

Garbage – Not Your Kind of People (2012)

Garbage shows it can still swirl alt-rock, post-pop and electro-dance beats in a highball glass of lip-busting attitude on this, their first album in seven years. The difference here is the band’s newfound sense of angsty consequence.

Half Notes: Amanda Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

Amanda Palmer? Yummy. Though, part of me wanted to run screaming in the other direction when I found out this solo record was a collaboration with Ben Folds. There is only one Folds song that I can remember (“Army”) that doesn’t make me want to shove an ice pick into my ear. On the other hand, I loved Palmer’s DresdenRead More

Jens Wendelboe Big Band – Fresh Heat (2012)

Jens Wendelboe is putting together some terrific stuff with his big band and Fresh Heat is the latest in what should be a regular occurrence on the jazz release calendar.