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Something Else! sneak peek: ZZ Top, "I Gotsta Get Paid" (2012)

We don’t know when ZZ Top’s new Rick Rubin-produced album will appear. Heck, we don’t even know the name of it. But here’s a taste of what’s in store, in the form of a preview of the lead single from the proposed 2012 project.

‘He’ll do justice to Ronnie’: Vivian Campbell discusses decision to reform Dio with new singer

Guitarist Vivian Campbell is organizing a 2012 reunion tour with the rest of the original Dio band, inserting new singer Andy Freeman in place of the late Ronnie James Dio.

James “JY” Young, co-founder of Styx: Something Else! Interview

“I’ll be darn,” guitarist James “JY” Young says with a chuckle when told that Styx garnered praise recently from Rolling Stone

Jazz Punks – Smashups (2012)

The L.A.-based quintet Jazz Punks’ thing is to create jarring music by mashing up classic songs of straight ahead jazz with diametrically opposed classic songs of rock.

Something Else! Featured Artist: More Eric Clapton!

The only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a solo artist, and as a member of the Yardbirds and Cream), Eric Clapton stands in 2012 as one of the most influential guitarists of his or any other generation.

Tim Coffman – Cruisin’ Pacific Coast Highways: Island Breezes Collection (2012)

What happens when California meets Hawaii? They have a beautiful baby called The Island Breezes Collection, that’s what happens!

Phil Collins – But Seriously … (1989; 2012 Audio Fidelity Remaster)

When Phil Collins released his final 1980s album, But Seriously…, it was billed as his most socially conscious work.