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Gordon Lightfoot – Massey Hall Moments: All Live (2012)

In May 2011, Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot marked his 150th concert at Toronto’s Massey Hall over the last 40 years.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Babylon Sisters" (1980)

Steely Dan Sunday, "Babylon Sisters" (1980)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Steely Dan albums always start strong, but “Babylon Sisters” might be their strongest intro track of all time.

Ruin/Renewal – Chess Club (2012)

Joshua Pritchard reached back to his earliest recordings for the 2012 follow up to Ruin/Renewal’s self-titled debut from June of last year, offering the equal and opposite of that EP’s rumbling, three-piece live experience.

Forgotten series: John Matthias and Nick Ryan – Cortical Songs (2010)

I have decided that’s it’s never not fun to talk about what is and isn’t music. The discussions can be thought-provoking, plus there’s always the chance that somebody will lose it

Brian Eno – Panic Of Looking EP (2011)

Considering the relative geekiness of some of his music, and you have to admit some of it really is geeky (hello, The Drop), Brian Eno has maintained an aura of cool that is undeniable.