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Something Else! sneak peek: Neil Young and Crazy Horse, "Oh Susannah" (2012)

The initial song from Americana, Neil Young’s upcoming collaboration with Crazy Horse, has emerged: A scalding, feedback-laden take on the traditional track “Oh Susannah.” Check it out here!

Mary Halvorson Quintet – Bending Bridges (2012)

“Bending Bridges,” reveals Mary Halvorson, “is a title I came up with in a semi-conscious state”, the same as how most of the titles in her songs come about.

Something Else! Featured Artist: The Spinners

The Spinners, though finalists for the 2012 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, came up short. It was one of the only times something like that’s happened for the greatest soul group of the early 1970s.

Best of April 2012: Reader picks include Rush, John Wetton, Levon Helm, Journey, Squackett, Beatles

A frank first-take conversation on a new song from Rush topped our April 2012 reader’s poll, followed by a heartfelt goodbye to Levon Helm, co-founder and voice of the Band.

Phillip Michael Vasiliades – Crashed Dreamed Boomed (2012)

Australian Phillip Michael Vasiliades shows a stirring command of the power and joy of 1970s pop and rock on Crashed Dreamed Boomed, and he does it without ever sounding derivative.