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Patti Smith – Banga (2012)

Remember when Patti Smith used to be considered dangerous?

Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana (2012)

Chances are pretty good that you already know the basic lowdown on this album: 1) It’s the first Neil Young/Crazy Horse record since 2003’s Greendale 2) The songs are all covers and 3) The covers are so damned old that most are in the public domain.

Yes’ Chris Squire on “Fly From Here,” “Life Within a Day,” “Tempus Fugit” + others: Gimme Five

Yes’ Chris Squire on “Fly From Here,” “Life Within a Day,” “Tempus Fugit” + others: Gimme Five

Chris Squire joins us to discuss how a failed project with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page ultimately led to the inclusion a Squire-sung track on Yes’ ‘Magnification.’

Half Notes: Leo Kottke – Ice Water (1974)

Kottke’s a funny guy and a beyond great guitar player. While I’m generally a bigger fan of his solo guitar records, there’s always something of interest lurking on the rest of Kottke’s albums. Highly recommended: Ice Water has his version of Tom T. Hall’s classic “Pamela Brown.” Also, check out Chewing Pine from the next year, which has “Regards FromRead More

Mort Weiss: Joey DeFrancesco projects showed the difference between music, and the music 'business'

This is the story of two collaborations with Joey DeFrancesco that you almost never saw — or the difference between music … and the music “business.”

Fred's Country Fried Rock: David Allan Coe, “Longhaired Redneck” (1976)

So usually I try to focus this feature on the new kids on the block, but sometimes you’ve just got to dip back into the classics.

Doc Watson (1923-2012): An Appreciation

It’s funny how certain bits of music can get under your skin. Several years ago, I was having a visit with my old buddy Gene out in upstate New York.

Manuel Valera – New Cuban Express (2012)

Like another Cuban product Aruán Ortiz, Manuel Valera is a gifted piano player who is able to reconcile the rhythmically based Afro-Cuban jazz of his homeland with the harmonically complex modern jazz of New York.

'An incredible honor for me': Steve Lukather set to tour with Beatles hero Ringo Starr

Steve Lukather, tirelessly active even after 35 years in the business, is rehearsing for upcoming 2012 tours with Ringo Starr and Toto, even as he works on a new studio recording.

Dan Kibler – Dan Kibler (2012)

The country rock field is a crowded one these days, but it takes a special talent to synthesize the genres in an accessible manner. And I’m pleased to announce that Dan Kibler possesses such a skill.