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Steely Dan Sunday, "The Second Arrangement" (1979, unreleased)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** “Just when I say: ‘Boy we can’t miss, you are golden’ … Then you do this.” Steely Dan rolled into 1979 with a big head of steam, having established themselves as consistent hitmakers as well as pulling in the critical kudos.

Norah Jones – … Little Broken Hearts (2012)

At first blush, this Danger Mouse-produced effort sounds like post-modern mood music, with Jones’ reliably languid cries of loneliness surrounded by gurgling synths, fuzzy guitars and swooning strings. But there’s something else going on here

Mort Weiss: Getting ready for showtime – when you're the show

This time out, I’d like to delineate how it is for me when I go somewhere to appear as a guest artist. Specifically, I’m thinking about the time I headlined the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Forgotten series: Saigon Kick – Saigon Kick (1991)

So, these days, when most people think about the hard-rock scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s, they think of a swirling mass of cookie-cutter bands that were much more about style and image than music.