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‘Lordy! Lordy!’: Little Richard reacts to recently discovered jam with Joe Walsh

While digging around for tasty extras to include in the deluxe edition of the forthcoming 2012 release Analog Man, Joe Walsh came across an amazing find: A tape of his former band the James Gang jamming with Little Richard.

New two-CD live release cements BTO co-founder Fred Turner's return to form

Fred Turner has described his reunion with fellow BTO alum Randy Bachman as being “almost like a rebirth.” A signature moment in that emotional return from early retirement is forthcoming as Eagle Rock releases Live at the Roseland Ballroom, NYC on May 29, 2012

Something Else! sneak peek: Beach Boys, "That's Why God Made The Radio" (2012)

The Beach Boys’ first single with Brian Wilson in ages is a celebration not just of the joys of their combined vocals, but also the glowing desktop contraption that long-ago beamed their biggest songs into our homes.

ZZ Top is standing by eccentric Rick Rubin, even as long-awaited album project stalls

ZZ Top is putting its faith in eccentric producer/fellow longbeard Rick Rubin, even as we continue waiting — and waiting — for the band’s long-awaited new album.

Something Else! Featured Artist: Eric Clapton

As Eric Clapton puts the finishing touches on a scheduled 2012 release — again produced by frequent sideman Doyle Bramhall II, who also helmed the well-received Clapton a couple of years ago — we reached back for a few old favorites.

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Joe Buck Yourself, “Devil Is On His Way” (2008)

What was that I was saying about one-man bands often being corny? Yeah, here’s another one, but the rule doesn’t apply to Joe Buck, either.

Harmonica Hinds – If Speed Was Just a Thought (2012)

Mervyn “Harmonica” Hinds, a regular on the Chicago blues scene of decades, was once one of the best sidemen that nobody knew. That’s changed more recently, as Hinds has begun issuing albums under his own name in regular intervals.

Forgotten series: Andwellas Dream – Love and Poetry (1968)

Sitting tight as one of the finest psychedelic statements of the era, Love and Poetry marked the introduction of this talented trio based in Northern Ireland.