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Steely Dan Sunday, “FM (No Static At All)” (1978)

Back in 1971 when they were struggling to make it as songwriters for hire and before they formed Steely Dan, Becker and Fagen landed some work scoring a soundtrack for a movie that starred Richard Pryor.

Peter Gabriel – Live Blood (2012)

Since appearing onstage dressed in a flower costume while with Genesis, Peter Gabriel continues to take fans on musical and visual twists and turns.

Shows I’ll Never Forget: Alice in Chains, Dec. 3, 1991

At Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, Shreveport, Louisiana: It was five days before my 19th birthday, and I’d received a ticket to see Van Halen as a gift.

Big Boy Pete – Cold Turkey (2012)

From 1961-65, Big Boy Pete (aka Pete Miller) was the lead guitarist and singer for Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers. Upon departing the well known British band, he launched a prolific solo career.